Monday, 5 June 2017

How to enjoy work

Life is for work

Let’s face the fact that whether we like it or not: We have to work. Without work life would be robbed off its essence. Great and mundane thinkers alike are of the consensus that the prime reason for our presence on planet earth, unlike animals, is “Work”
The day we are sent to school we are prepared for a real world which demands work from us. This demand remains with us from cradle to grave. Work has been an intrinsic part of humans from dawn of prerecorded history till the present age and will continue till end of times. In fact, work is seen done by animals as well but that is beyond the scope of this blog. The object of this article is to discuss the correlated mood swings during the work period.

Categorization of Work

Work has broad meanings and different for different people. Work can be paid, unpaid, forced upon and taken on voluntary. It can involve mental or physical effort. But at any rate, as aforesaid, it’s the essence of our existence

Life without work

First of all what does it mean by, “The essence of existence?” This simply implies that life would lose its real meaning if one can live without work. Imagine you wake up to find by some miracle that all your living expenses are paid for without working for a living. Sounds like landing in a Utopia! But trust me the happiness will prove not only short lived but the privileged being will sooner or later degenerate into loner with nothing to expect of from life and may even contemplate suicide! A fruit consumed without labor has neither a value nor taste. Sociological studies have proved that winners of lotto Jack pots ended up tired of life within six months. Some ended up in rehab and most went back to work. The biographies of super rich reveals them engaged in work despite all the creature comforts they are endowed with. In fact, they instill the value of work in their children from an early age. The key to successful healthy life is work not accruement of money
Strange though it may sound, many slaves could not accept their new found freedom followed by change in laws in USA after civil war because as slaves they were guaranteed work!! To be in work as a slave is more rewarding then to be without work as freeman.

Students are Workers

Students aiming for a degree are also workers. They pursue work to empower themselves with a degree to compete in tightly competent Job market.
Many students experience frustration and subsequent depression during the course of their academic life. They deserve empathy and compassion and needless to say support in form of one to one counselling.

Tips for Work Anxiety

If the reader is suffering from work anxiety here are some tips.
Remember you are not the only one facing the challenge of working for a degree. With this in mind it should help the student to know that the hardships suffered are a shared suffering. Humans have a tendency to seek solace when they understand they are not alone. So this realization of being part of a community should help.

Enjoy your work

Keep in mind the axiom that only those get the best of their work that pursue it with a merry heart. If two farmers work on a same scale of plot , the one who enjoys work will yield a better crop than the one who works with a half heart.
It’s true that people are endowed with different level of intelligence. But that should not be source of discouragement. Studies have shown that students with average intelligence who demonstrated hard work with perseverance and consistency pays off better than the more intelligent ones.
Also an important factor: whilst working, do not worry about success. Do your best and leave the rest to God.

Work Smart Not Hard

Finally, work under a competent guidance is more organized and produces better results. At BeMRCOG that is what the mentor has proven herself as a keen mentor who has the knack of instilling workmanship in her students. She cascades her experiences effectively in her teaching skills which she has acquired over the decades through troubles and pains. Her maxim  is “Not hard but smart work” The testimonies of her students who  are living proof her dedication to making her students work smart and the impressive pass rates of BeMRCOG students is testament of her pedagogical ingenuity. To find out more and how Dr. Naqi’s experience can change your life please log on to:

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